My Review Of Simply Bamboo Extra Large (20″ X 20″) Espresso Brown Bamboo Wood Square Serving Tray

Simply Bamboo Extra Large (20" X 20") Espresso Brown Bamboo Wood Square Serving TrayChoosing the right ottoman serving tray based on your needs doesn’t seem to be easy in the slightest. In fact, it may turn out to be quite a confusing task, what with the hundreds of products out there, coming in different types and price tags.

However, going through reviews of some of the best ottoman trays (as listed on our homepage), is probably sure to point you in the right direction, and end up with a serving tray that will meet all your needs.

Coming to Simply Bamboo extra large (20″ X 20″) espresso brown bamboo wood square serving tray, there are quite a few things to talk about it. Besides looking gorgeous, it boasts of being as sturdy as a piece of furniture. That’s actually saying something, given the fact that many ottoman trays don’t seem to be very durable, and would end up in getting damaged when used even in a slightly rough way.

Let us now take a look at some of the most important features of this ottoman tray.

Rating: 4.2/5

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Great looks

Although some customers may want to focus more on the quality and durability than the looks of the tray, it does make sense to get one that is durable, as well as looks great, especially if it’s going to be used for serving guests.

The fact that this serving tray looks great ensures that it’s fit for serving guests. A dull looking serving tray, regardless of its durability or sturdiness, may not turn out to be a great pick, as it would fail to impress your guests.

This tray actually looks like how a serving tray should, and this makes it absolutely ideal for using as a serving tray.

Ample serving area

You may find some ottoman trays that look great, but don’t really come with a practical design. It makes them less functional, something that may turn out to be a huge disadvantage.

However, this tray ensures that while coming with great looks, it’s also just as functional, thanks to its ample serving area. You can actually put quite a few things on it pretty comfortably.

However, despite being that large, it isn’t really bulky or heavy, making it just perfect for using as a serving tray.

Amazing customer service

Mountain Woods is quite a reputed name in the industry, not only because of the exceptional quality of products it offers, but also because of its amazing customer support.

A particular customer mentioned in their review that they received a “slightly” defective product. They informed Amazon about it, which prompted the manufacturer to get back to the customer promptly with an apology and a completely new product that was in perfectly good condition.

On top of this, however, the customer support also told the customer that they can keep the old one too as a gift as well. Needless to mention, the customer was impressed with the customer support and this is a huge plus while buying from this manufacturer. You are always covered if you run into any problems with their products.

Ribbed base

This is quite a unique feature of this tray. It comes with a ribbed base, which prevents things put on the tray from sliding around.

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A final word

With so many positive reviews and such an excellent customer support, it doesn’t seem like you could go wrong with the Simply Bamboo extra large espresso brown bamboo wood square serving tray.

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