My Review Of Set of 2 Mango Wood Serving Tray with Handles Hand Carved Foliage Vine Pattern, Small Large

 Roll over image to zoom in Set of 2 Mango Wood Serving Tray with Handles Hand Carved Foliage Vine Pattern, Small LargeThis seems to be one of the most unique trays on the market. It’s a set of 2 trays, so you are actually paying half of the set’s price for one. This makes it one of the most affordable ottoman trays among the high-end ones.

Here’s a rundown of what it brings to the table for you.

Rating: 4.5/5

Hand carved and made using natural wood

This is something that makes it so unique and helps it stand out of the lot. It’s actually hand carved by skilled craftsmen from India, giving it a truly unique look, and making it genuinely attractive.

It’s also made using natural wood, which is again something quite unique, as no other ottoman tray on the market seems to be made using natural “mango” wood. This gives the tray a natural luster, unmatched by any other tray.

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Elegant design

Well, when it comes to the design, we really doubt if you can find an ottoman tray with a better one on the market than what this serving tray comes with. It features a beautiful vine design that can probably give some of the most expensive ottoman trays on the market a run for their money.

The highly unique design is believed to be based on the ideas followed by artisans in India around 400 years back. This also makes the tray look antique, surely making the tray set’s price seem considerably cheaper for what it offers.

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that this tray set reflects the craftsmen skills of the artisans in India, who may be struggling to make a living. We are sure that if the same tray was produced in a similar way in some western country, it would be priced way higher.

However, as thousands of artisans in India seem to be struggling to make ends meet, you are getting a couple of trays, which is a sign of the past glory and the tremendous hard work put into it, at a surprisingly affordable price.

Mango wood

We are not sure if you noticed the word “Mango wood” in the product name or not, but it’s definitely something you need to know about. Mango wood seems to be quite a rare quality of wood in the current times, and it just adds to the uniqueness.

Moreover, this wood is also pretty durable, so you have nothing to worry about on the quality front as well.

Maybe it has a little flaw

A particular customer pointed out that it’s difficult to use it for serving drinks, as its surface is a little “raised”. This doesn’t let the drinks sit on it in a stable way while carrying, which may be bit of a problem.

However, as the other customer who reviewed the product didn’t have anything to complain about the product, we feel it may also have been the bottles’ shape the other customer was trying to carry, which may have made it difficult to carry them on the tray.

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A final word

Apart from that, everything seems to be just perfect about this highly unique tray set, including the price, which seems to be an absolute steal.

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