My Review Of Mountain Woods Extra Large (22″ X 16″) Acacia Wood Luxury Serving Tray w/ Bronzed Handles

Mountain Woods Extra Large (22" X 16") Acacia Wood Luxury Serving Tray w/ Bronzed Handles *NEW & IMPROVED*This serving tray is quite similar to one of the other Mountain Woods serving trays. However, as its name suggests, it seems to be the latest and improved version of the other product. This probably means that you get a superior bang for your buck, as the price seems to be unchanged.

First things first, like most, if not all of Mountain Woods serving trays, the Mountain Woods Acacia wood serving luxury serving tray is hand crafted, and you can probably see the excellent craftsmanship looking at the design and finish of the product.

That being said, there’s probably no doubt that it’s a quality product, and definitely worth considering unless you’re willing to spend a lot more on a better product. Let us now take a look at what seems to be some of its best features.

Rating: 4.7/5

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Easy to carry

One of the best things about this serving tray is that it comes with very uniquely designed handles. They are not only attractive enough to catch the attention of your guests (which an ideal serving tray should probably be able to do), but also makes it extremely convenient to carry.

The handles are easy to hold, and don’t make you feel worried about toppling over even when you carry a lot of stuff at once.

Quite large

Again, as the name suggests, this serving tray is indeed quite large. While some may relate it to more weight, it actually isn’t that heavy at all. It’s not flimsy either, though, making it clear that it’s a quality product and durable enough.

So while the weight is just right, the large surface area allows you to carry a lot of stuff on it with ease. The large edges help ensure that nothing you put on it ends up falling over.

Made using high-quality wood

While almost all serving trays offered by Mountain Woods are probably made using high-quality wood, this one seems to be made using even better quality wood. Again, you can try taking hints from its name.

It’s made using quality Acacia wood, which is not only durable but also looks pretty attractive. This helps the serving tray give a touch of luxury to the room you place it in, despite actually having a rather basic design.

Very sturdy

As its numerous customers point out in their reviews, the Mountain Woods Acacia wood serving tray is quite sturdy and durable. It’s thick enough to not break off easily. It also doesn’t make you feel that anything you have put on it is going to fall off, even if you covered its surface completely by putting a lot of stuff on it.

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A final word

While the price isn’t always the most important feature when it comes to serving trays, you will probably be glad to know that it doesn’t actually cost a lot. This definitely makes it a great value-for-money product, especially given the extra large size and impressive build quality.

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