My Review Of Mountain Woods 23″ X 16″ Black Tree Line Luxury Wooden Serving Tray w/ Brushed Aluminum Accents

Mountain Woods 23" X 16" Black Tree Line Luxury Wooden Serving Tray w/ Brushed Aluminum AccentsMountain Woods really seems to be dominating the ottoman trays market with all the great ottoman trays it offers. The manufacturer’s products come with a very high level of durability and the design usually doesn’t fail to impress as well.

The Mountain Woods Brushed Aluminum Accents, though, goes a step further when it comes to the design. It’s not only exceptionally well designed and attractive, but is also convenient to use, which is a rather rare combination.

Let us take a look at some of its best features.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Extra large surface

The Mountain Woods Brushed Aluminum Accents comes with a very large surface. This simply means that it allows you to place more stuff on it, which is obviously a huge advantage as you can use it for many different things.

Furthermore, the surface of the tray is smooth, giving some stability to the things you put on it. It prevents them from falling over and makes it easier to carry them. Usually, a serving tray with a rough surface may not be the best to carry a lot of things at once as they may end up falling over.

The Style and Design Would Blow you Away

Many customers who posted their reviews mentioned that it’s so gorgeous that they don’t feel like putting it down. It’s probably one of the most well designed serving trays you would ever come across.

The black finish is comes with is very attractive and seemed to be applied in an uniformly. While it may come off with rough use, but that may turn out to be the case with any serving tray and hence you need to ensure you don’t use it in a very rough way.

Great build quality

Well, although you don’t really need to go in details about the build quality given it’s a Mountain Woods serving tray, it probably still needs to be said that it’s exceptionally well built and may last the test of time.

Mountain Woods is a very reputed manufacturer of serving trays, and all its trays tend to be very well built. This one, however, seems to be exceptional on this front as well. This is due to the fact that it’s interior is coated using brushed aluminum, which simply adds to the durability.

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A final word

As far as the price is concerned, we doubt you would find a better deal, especially taking the exceptional design into consideration. Similarly, the tray it quite sturdy as well so apparently, there’s a lot of value for money being offered with this product.

The wood used to make this serving tray seems to be pretty good quality as well. Overall, it would probably help enhance the look of any room it’s placed in, and definitely seems to be a product worth considering.

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