My Review Of Mountain Woods 23″ Square Ottoman Luxury Wooden Serving Tray

Mountain Woods 23″ Square Ottoman Luxury Wooden Serving TrayMountain Woods is a leading producer of ottoman trays, and is one of the reputed ones in the industry. Apparently, it also offers some of the best products on the market in the category.

That being said, the Mountain Woods 23″ square ottoman luxury wooden serving tray actually seems to be one of the best ottoman trays being offered by the manufacturer. Just like all the other Mountain Woods ottoman trays, the built quality doesn’t seem to be leaving anything to be desired, while the design is quite modern and attractive.

Here’s a detailed rundown of some of the most highlighting points about this ottoman tray.

Rating: 4.4/5

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Great style and feel

This ottoman serving tray has been priced high for quite a few reasons, with one of the major ones being its rich, dark look, which is sure to add a decorative accent to the room it’s placed in.

Although it comes in a square shape, which is actually a pretty common one, the overall design still helps it stand out from the lot. It has four handles, something you wouldn’t find in many ottoman trays. This ensures that it’s considerably easy to use, which can actually be quite a problem when it comes to most of the other ottoman trays.

Thanks to the excellent crafting and the great design, this tray is sure to look great on any type of ottoman it’s placed on.

Built quality

You would be surprised at how many ottoman trays are returned by customers as they arrive broken or damaged. Now though that is something common and given the nature of the products, not something entirely avoidable, the manufacturer needs to take care of such issues.

Mountain Woods seems to be having a great customer support, and many customers mention in their reviews that any problems they faced were taken care of immediately.

That being said, the build quality of this ottoman tray ensures that it lasts a long time. However, if a customer receives a damaged product, the company’s customer support team is quick to replace it.

The tray is made of plantation grown hardwood, which is believed to be one of the most popular types of woods in the world. Being made of such a high quality wood allows the tray to be versatile, beautiful, and of course, durable.


Despite being quite sturdy and durable, this ottoman tray is surprisingly light-weight. Now though most customers overlook this factor, it actually matters a lot if you will be using the tray daily.

Being light-weight makes it easy to carry, while its sturdiness ensures that there’s no fear of topping over while carrying a lot of stuff together.


Well, we understand that the price may be a little disappointing for many. However, you also need to consider the fact that this serving tray is probably going to last you a long time, which actually makes it a value-for-money product.

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A final word

We are of the opinion that it’s better to buy a little expensive serving tray that comes with many benefits and is going to last you a long time, than buying the ones that you may have to replace every few months.

The Mountain Woods 23″ square ottoman luxury wooden serving tray seems to be a great option for those who agree with us on this.

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