My Review Of Mountain Woods 22″ X 16″ Ottoman Luxury Wooden Serving Tray

Mountain Woods 22" X 16" Ottoman Luxury Wooden Serving TrayThis is another quality serving tray from Mountain Woods, a reputed manufacturer in the industry. While the manufacturer’s products are known for the durability, most of them don’t disappoint on the design and looks front as well. This makes their servings trays some of the best ones on the market, simply because durability and design tend to be some of the biggest features of any ottoman tray.

However, Mountain Woods usually doesn’t fail to come up with unique designs for its serving trays, and this luxury wooden serving tray is no exception. It comes with a fairly unique design and offers quite a few other important advantages to the users.

Let’s now take a look at some of its highlighting points.

Rating: 4/5

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Comes with a reasonably high level of durability

Just like most of the serving trays offered by Mountain Woods, this one comes with a high level of durability as well, especially for its price.

However, it probably isn’t the most durable product on the market, and probably not suitable for very rough use. That said, unless you tend to use your serving trays in a really rough way, the durability shouldn’t turn out to be a problem for you.

While there seem to be a couple of customers complaining about the quality of the product (on its product page), most others seem to be really satisfied with it. The fact is that it’s also one of the low-priced Mountain Woods serving trays, but still does well to withstand regular and reasonably rough use. But if you expect it to be as good as new over several months of extremely rough use, you may end up disappointed.

Dark, rich finish

Despite being a relatively low priced Mountain Woods serving tray, it doesn’t seem to be compromising in the slightest on the looks and design front. It comes with a dark, rich finish, and would probably a touch of luxury to the room you place it in.

Thanks to the attractive finish, it would also probably serve well as a useful and beautiful accessory for a big coffee table or ottoman.

Extremely lightweight

Weighing too much is probably a common, and quite annoying issue associated with many ottoman trays out there. While some who simply plan to use the tray as an accessory and not really for serving guests, it may turn out just as good for them.

However, those who plan to use it for serving their guests would obviously not be pleased if it’s too heavy. It may make it extremely inconvenient for you to carry the tray (after placing a lot of stuff on it) from your kitchen to the room your guests tend to sit in.

The Mountain Woods’ luxury wooden serving tray really impresses on this front, though. As mentioned by one of its customers on its product page, it’s extremely lightweight, making it perfectly convenient to carry.

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A final word

Unless you would be using your serving tray in an extremely rough way, Mountain Woods luxury wooden serving tray should hit the spot for you.

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