My Review Of Mountain Woods 22″ Octagon Ottoman Luxury Wooden Serving Tray w/ Solid Metal Handles

Mountain Woods 22″ Octagon Ottoman Luxury Wooden Serving Tray w/ Solid Metal HandlesThis seems to be another masterpiece of a tray from Mountain Woods, except for the fact that it’s arguably even better than some of the other high-end ottoman trays being offered by the manufacturer, especially in terms of design.

It comes in a fairly unique shape too, which seems to be like a hexagon. This, along with its design and few other different-than-usual features, makes it quite a unique ottoman serving tray.

Let us take a look at what exactly makes it so unique and probably one of the best ottoman trays you can find on the market.

Rating: 4.6/5

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Catchy and unique design

A simple look at the images of this ottoman tray will give you an idea of how unique and different it is from most other ottoman trays. The design is actually pretty catchy, and the unique shape ensures you get many compliments from your guests.

In fact, a particular customer did mention that they get many compliments for this ottoman tray, when it sits beautifully on their ottoman.

Metal handles

This is another thing that you wouldn’t find in most of the other ottoman trays. This ottoman tray from Mountain Woods comes with two metal handles, and this makes it look even more attractive.

Furthermore, this even ensures a higher level of durability, as the handles aren’t built out on the edge of the tray, as they are in most ottoman trays, but rather two metal handles are placed above two of the edges.

This, besides making the tray get a more elegant look and feel, also makes it easier to hold and carry.

Rich finish

This ottoman tray also comes with a very richly finished hardware and solid aluminum. However, it’s to be noted that as every tray is hand crafted, the color of each tray may turn out to be slightly different. But as it may be just as beautiful, there doesn’t really seem to be a problem.

Generously sized

The generous size also always you to carry quite a bit of stuff. Also, thanks to its metal handles and light weight, it would be easy to carry even if you have put a lot of things on it.

Great for using for other stuff as well

If you go through the user reviews of this ottoman tray, you will find that customers are also using it for things other than just serving guests. You can probably keep all your magazines and other such stuff in a neat and organized way, and it would even look pretty good.

This can obviously help you deal with quite a bit of mess. Also, although you may be able to use other ottoman trays too for such things, they usually won’t look as organized and neat as this one, simply because it has got quite a unique design.


Well, for the extremely impressive build quality, high level of durability, beautiful and unique design, metal handles, and much more, the price is definitely surprisingly cheap.

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A final word

After going through everything that has been mentioned above, we can easily conclude that for the price, this ottoman tray actually offers a bit too much. It definitely seems to be one of the best ottoman trays money can buy.

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