My Review Of Bare Decor Vivi Spa/Serving Tray

Bare Decor Vivi Spa/Serving Tray in Solid Teak WoodThis seems to be one of the most unique serving trays on the market. This is not only due to the highly unique and attractive design, but also due to being made using a rather unique material, genuine solid teak.

These things itself would help it stand out from the rest of the products on the market, while also making it attractive enough to make your guess curious.

So without further ado, let us take a look at some of its highlighting points.

Rating: 4.3/5

Great build quality

Solid teak wood doesn’t just help it look beautiful, but is also quite a strong material that ensures that it won’t disappoint on the durability front.

Furthermore, due to being made using teak wood, the look and feel of the serving tray is great as well. It would probably be very easy and comfortable to hold even when carrying a lot of stuff on it.

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Large surface area

Although this is usually overlooked, it’s quite an important factor too. If the surface area isn’t large enough, you wouldn’t be able to carry a lot of stuff on your serving tray, which may basically make it almost useless if you actually use it to serve your guests.

However, the Bare Decor serving tray doesn’t disappoint on this front at all, as the surface area seems to be sufficiently large to carry a lot of stuff at a time.

Beautiful design

As mentioned earlier, the Bare Decor serving tray has got quite a unique design. The unique design, coupled with the look and feel of the solid teak wood, makes it look really beautiful.

Most customers (who left a review) have mentioned the same in their reviews, and this is probably the reason the manufacturer also claims that the product is great to be used for spa display as well.

Fit for both indoor and outdoor use

As it’s durable enough, you may not come across any problems even while using it outdoors as well as taking it with you while travelling.

However, the only thing that may turn out to be a little concerning is its weight, which really limits its portability. But if you don’t mind taking around a 4.4 pound item along with you, there’s nothing else you need to worry about.

Easy grip handles

Another great thing about the Bare Decor serving tray is that its handles are designed very well and make it perfectly easy to hold. Furthermore, unlike some of the cheaper serving trays out there, it doesn’t hurt even if you carry a lot of stuff on it and have to hold it for a few minutes.

Resistant to several damaging agents

If the manufacturer’s claims are anything to go by, the Bare Decor serving tray is also (naturally) resistant to damaging agents such as mold and mildew. It’s also one of the reasons why the product is outdoor-friendly.

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A final word

The Bare Decor serving tray does seem to be a little expensive. However, if you take into account its durability and the other factors, it will probably turn out to be a great value for money product in the long term.

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