How to Use an Ottoman as a Coffee Table

coffee-tableIt’s getting increasingly common to replace the faithful coffee table with one or two ottomans. However, while it’s definitely considered to be a great way to enhance the look of your home and add a touch of elegance to it, you need to make sure that you’re doing it right.

It’s because unless you do your homework right, you may end up messing it up, as it’s not as straightforward as it seems, after all.

With that being said, here’s how you should go about using an ottoman as a substitute for a coffee table.

Considering the Space and Other Furniture

You can start off by evaluating the available space in your living room, as well as the surrounding furniture. You also need to keep in mind the “seating” requirements around the coffee table area.

Generally, it’s those who are short on space that tend to go for an ottoman table. An ottoman is usually low-profile, compact and a huge space saver. More importantly, however, it can easily be moved to a corner of the room when you need to free up some floor space.

Considering the Height of the Ottoman(s)

Many prefer the ottoman to serve them just like a coffee table. This means that they would want it to be lower than the surrounding chairs or crouches, but high enough to be practically usable.

However, some also tend to do it a little differently, by opting for a lower ottoman and surrounding it with throw pillows or floor cushions. Besides creating a modern environment, this arrangement also works great for small rooms, as it helps save quite a bit of space.

It also makes the room more functional and flexible, especially for seating guests.

Deciding on a Type of Ottoman

Nowadays, ottomans come in many different types. While some come in a hidden storage and cushioned tops, some others come with a magazine shelf and a raised surface.

Some of the fancier ones out there come with a tray-top table that moves or rotates. Similarly, ottomans also come in different shapes, including rectangular, circle, oval and more.

There are also ottomans that come in pair and may make a great set. However, this is definitely not something you would want to consider unless you have a lot of free space.

Finally, if you’re someone simply looking to replace a standard coffee table with an ottoman that’s just as functional, a bench-style or even two small ottomans may well hit the spot for you.

Choosing the Finish

While certainly not the most important feature, the finish of the ottoman you’re looking to get may still turn out to be very important if you want the room to have the same feel it would with a great-looking coffee table.

That being said, ottomans coming with wooden tray tops usually turn out to be a great choice. However, a beautiful finish may also mean spending more time on maintenance, so if that’s a problem, you may want to settle for a lightweight ottoman that comes in a dark fabric and is moisture-resistant.

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