How To Choose A Suitable Ottoman Tray

Lets check out some useful information about how you can go about choosing a perfect ottoman tray based on your needs.

We’ve listed some factors that you should check before buying a tray. You can also check out a list of best ottoman trays here.

Size of the tray

Modern Walnut Display Box Ottoman Tray - Sized to Fit - Interior Design Decor - Coffee Table Topper Sand TrayAlthough many would rather focus simply on the looks and overlook the size, it doesn’t really seem to be a good idea. In fact, if you are planning to use the tray for something specific, size may well turn out to be the most important factor.

For instance, you may specifically want to go for a serving tray for ottoman if you will be using it solely for serving your guests. On the other hand, buying an ottoman coffee table tray may require a completely different approach, as its design may be a priority, and size would need to be on the smaller side. Similarly, as mentioned earlier, a large tray for ottoman may be your best bet if you are going to use it to keep things like magazines, newspapers and other such stuff in an organized way.

Hence, the ideal thing would be to figure out what you would exactly be using your ottoman tray for beforehand, so that you can choose the perfect one based on that. However, if you will be using it for more than a few things, you can obviously choose one that seems to be a great quality oversized ottoman tray. It may probably help do most of the stuff you are looking to do just as comfortably.

Material and built quality

Simply Bamboo 17" X 17" Square Ottoman Serving Tray, Natural BambooThis obviously tends to be quite an important factor too. Metal trays seem to be a good idea if you are looking to get one to serve your guests. They are quite durable, and usually come with a decent finish that looks pretty attractive.

The same can be said about melamine trays, but the downside is that the finish may start fading after a few months of use, although durability shouldn’t really be a problem.

However, it’s the wooden ottoman trays that seem to be stealing the limelight as of late. This may be due to several reasons, with some of the major ones being that they come in a much wider range, come in various modern designs as opposed to metal trays that may be considered traditional, as well as are considerably durable and can be used pretty comfortably for most of the things you would want to use an ottoman tray for.

Hence, we have only reviewed the wooden ottoman trays on this page.

Lacquer finishes seems to have got the edge

Kotobuki Black Lacquer Serving Tray, 13-1/2-Inch

Quality wooden trays usually come with a lacquer finish, which makes them pretty versatile and adds a decorative accent to the room they are placed in. More importantly, however, they are considerably easier to clean, and may also come with a glossy coating that protects the surface of the tray from food stains and liquids.

On the downside, they may be a bit too pricey. However, given that they may last you a long time and the many additional benefits they come with, it doesn’t really seem wise to turn them down simply they require you to spend a bit more.

Sides and handles

An ottoman tray with handles.

It would also probably be a great thing if your ottoman tray comes with sides and handles. They make it easier to hold while serving guests, preventing the drinks and food from toppling over while you carry them. Similarly, they are also considerably more portable and allow a firm grip, something that’s always going to come handy if you are going to use them daily. Checkout this image on the right side; it’s an attractive ottoman tray with handles.

An ottoman tray ikea would usually come with sides and handles, as well as pretty cool design, so you might want to look into them, although we will be talking about some even better options below.

You should keep the above factors in your mind before choosing an ottoman tray and buying one that fits your requirements.

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