Best Ottoman Trays To Buy in 2016

Ottoman trays tend to be quite a versatile accessory in your home, as they help you take care of so many small tasks in an organized way. Be it serving food and drinks or keeping some stuff organized, ottoman trays would always get the job done. In fact, if you get a large ottoman tray, you can probably also use it for keeping all your magazines and other such stuff in a neat way. This obviously helps avoid quite a bit of mess that you usually have to deal with when you don’t have such a quick and easy way to keep things organized.

However, choosing an ottoman tray isn’t exactly that easy. After all, they come in quite a wide range, and if you are new to buying them, you may end up a little confused. 

That’s nothing to be really worried about if you are reading this, though, as we are going to share some of the best ottoman trays in the market. 

Best Ottoman Trays

Mountain Woods 23″ Square Ottoman Luxury Wooden Serving Tray

Mountain Woods 23″ Square Ottoman Luxury Wooden Serving Tray

Rating: 4.4/5

It’s a fairly large square ottoman tray, and seems ideal to be used for serving guests. It’s handcrafted, meaning that there’s not much to doubt about on the quality front, although that’s also a reason it’s priced on the higher side.

It may be well worth it though, as it comes with a dark, rich finish, and sure to add a classic twist to any room it’s placed in.

As its product page mentions, it’s also a large tray for ottoman coffee table, as it seems to be large and durable enough to hold quite a few cups of coffee without making you feel worried about toppling over.

The design, although quite attractive, is practical as well (comes with four handles!), making the tray highly versatile and portable.

The quality of wood used to produce it seems to be excellent as well, and as the numerous positive customer reviews suggest, there seems to be nothing to be worried about when it comes to the built quality and durability.

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Simply Bamboo Extra Large (20″ X 20″) Espresso Brown Bamboo Wood Square Serving Tray

Simply Bamboo Extra Large (20" X 20") Espresso Brown Bamboo Wood Square Serving TrayRating: 4.2/5

This is another great serving tray from the same brand that offers the above mentioned one. Some of its features are quite similar to the above ottoman tray, too.

Made using the same quality wood, it’s just as durable and features a rich finish. Unlike the above one, however, it’s a little smaller and carries only two handles, although we doubt if that affects its usefulness in carrying things for your guests.

However, a unique highlighting feature about this tray is that it comes with a “ribbed” base, which prevents things stored in it from sliding around. The overall design is beautiful, and you may actually get surprised at how sturdy it is.

Something worth keeping in mind is that the actual color of the tray is a little lighter than what you would see in the images, or at least this has been the case with many customers. However, it doesn’t really seem to be affecting the looks of the tray, as it still looks pretty attractive with its rich, chocolate colored finish and gorgeous design. All in all, this tray seems to be offering a superior bang for your buck.

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Mountain Woods 22″ Octagon Ottoman Luxury Wooden Serving Tray w/ Solid Metal Handles

Mountain Woods 22″ Octagon Ottoman Luxury Wooden Serving Tray w/ Solid Metal Handles

Rating: 4.6/5

This tray, too, is being offered by the same manufacturer, so we won’t go into the durability/quality part. It’s expected to be just as durable as the ones mentioned above.

However, it’s quite different from the above two trays in many ways. First things first, the design seems to be absolutely stunning. Not that the above two don’t come with a great design, but this one has a pretty unique one. If design is everything for you when it comes to ottoman trays, this is something you would want to go for.

Another highlighting point about the tray is that it comes with metal handles, obviously adding even more to the durability and looks. However, it’s also worth pointing out that the handles, despite being made of metal, are placed above the edges of the tray, which may result in compromising on the functionality front just a little bit.

However, if you are going to use it for carrying heavier stuff, it may actually work in your favor. Measuring 22”, it’s a fairly large tray for ottoman as well.

Furthermore, it may also be considered a round tray for ottoman, as the design is pretty much round, although it’s more like a hexagon shape. On the looks front, it’s probably sure to impress you and the guests you are going to serve using the tray, thanks to its elegant look and rich finish.

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Set of 2 Mango Wood Serving Tray with Handles Hand Carved Foliage Vine Pattern, Small Large

 Roll over image to zoom in Set of 2 Mango Wood Serving Tray with Handles Hand Carved Foliage Vine Pattern, Small LargeRating: 4.5/5

So we finally have a serving tray for ottoman that’s being offered by a different manufacturer. The manufacturer offering the above three ottoman trays seems to be quite a popular and reputed one in the industry, so it isn’t that we are trying to favor a particular manufacturer.

That being said, this is actually a set of 2 uniquely designed ottoman trays. It’s considerably smaller when compared with the above ottoman trays. However, as you are getting two for the price of one of the above trays, with the design being quite a unique and attractive one, this surely doesn’t seem to be a bad deal either.

Its hand carved out of Mango wood, which has a reputation for its natural luster and rich and natural grains. This is beautifully complemented with its impressive vine pattern, making it quite a good choice, especially on the design and looks front.

The design, besides being quite unique and attractive, is also practical, with its handles being built a little higher, making it comfortable to hold and easily portable.

Another thing worth mentioning about this tray set is that it’s a sign of the crafting skills of India, as it’s handcrafted by the artisans of India.

On the downside, we would like add that it may not be the perfect tray if you are looking to use it for serving drinks. It’s a little raised, and may make it a little difficult to place drinks on it to serve your guests.

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Bamber Wood Serving Tray – Black Walnut


Rating: 4.6/5

This is one of the more affordable trays on this list. It would probably be ideal for those who may not use their trays very often. It’s rather plain and basic design may not allow daily use, especially for carrying heavy stuff.

Apart from that, however, it does have a lot to impress you. Coming to the quality, it’s surprisingly good for the price. It’s also pretty sturdy and strong, and built using high quality imported wood from the USA or Europe.

You would also probably be surprised at how smooth its surface is. It ensures that the ease of cleaning, as well as preventing the finish to fade over time. The well-designed curves further add to keeping dirt away and making cleaning easier.

An interesting thing about this tray is that despite being quite sturdy, it actually weighs surprisingly less, something that always an advantage while using for serving your guests.

Finally, as suggested by the name, its black walnut color gives it a bit classy look, and seems a good purchase overall, especially given the relatively low price.

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Bare Decor Vivi Spa/Serving Tray in Solid Teak Wood

Bare Decor Vivi Spa/Serving Tray in Solid Teak WoodRating: 4.3/5

This is another unique large square ottoman tray, not only because of its design, but the material it’s made of. This is probably one of the few high-end ottoman trays out there that is built using teak wood of a genuine quality. This speaks for the built quality and durability of this serving tray.

It isn’t exactly a very large tray for ottoman, but sufficiently large for being used as a serving tray. It isn’t required to be assembled in any way, and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Furthermore, it’s quite versatile, and comes with an impressive teak oil finish. The design of the surface of the tray is fairly unique, and may not fail to impress your guests.

The well-designed handles ensure that it’s easy to hold even when carrying a lot of stuff. It also boasts of being resistant to mildew and mold, so that definitely adds to its durability.

It may seem like it’s a little expensive, but you are paying for the quality here, without the design or attractiveness of the tray being compromised in the slightest.

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Mountain Woods 22″ X 16″ Ottoman Luxury Wooden Serving Tray

Mountain Woods 22" X 16" Ottoman Luxury Wooden Serving TrayRating: 4/5

Here’s another Mountain Woods ottoman tray, speaking volume about how established the brand is in the industry. Coming to the tray’s features, needless to mention, it’s just as good when it comes to durability and built quality as the other ottoman trays listed above that are being offered by the same manufacturer, Mountain Woods.

Although not very fancy, its basic design is still surprisingly beautiful. Its surface is tilted a little downward, as opposed to another tray we reviewed above, which actually makes it just perfect to place and carry things, as they stay stable and you wouldn’t have to worry about toppling over.

The handles are built out just under the edges of the tray, which may actually make it even easier and comfortable to carry. However, there seems to be a slight possibility of those with very long hands having problems to hold it well. Nothing very problematic, though.

It’s priced lower than all the other Mountain Woods ottoman trays on this list, maybe primarily because of its relatively basic design, as the quality of material used is the same.

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Mountain Woods 23″ X 16″ Black Tree Line Luxury Wooden Serving Tray w/ Brushed Aluminum Accents

Mountain Woods 23" X 16" Black Tree Line Luxury Wooden Serving Tray w/ Brushed Aluminum AccentsRating: 4.5/5

This is quite similar to some of the other ottoman trays mentioned above, except the fact that it’s exceptionally well-designed, and has that unique touch of brushed aluminum.

Most customers who have bought this tray simply love the style, size, and design, some of the most important features of an ottoman tray.

The weight seems to be just perfect too, neither too heavy nor too light and flimsy. The finish is rich and of excellent quality, although it seems like its finish won’t hold up if it’s used in a rough way or if it’s rubbed off. However, that shouldn’t be a reason for turning it down, as apparently, none of the ottoman trays would be able to maintain their finish on being rubbed off.

The bottom line is that it isn’t cheaply made, and the finish is reasonably good as well as looks great.

Furthermore, you can also term it as an oversized ottoman tray, as its surface is large enough to carry large-sized plates and bowls. In other words, it’s easier to carry even when fully loaded.

However, there’s also something a bit disappointing about this tray. The silver base of the tray seems to be deteriorating a little bit when used in a rough way. Nothing very noticeable, though, and you would probably be good if you aren’t used to putting things down too hard.

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Mountain Woods Extra Large (22″ X 16″) Acacia Wood Luxury Serving Tray w/ Bronzed Handles *NEW & IMPROVED*

Mountain Woods Extra Large (22" X 16") Acacia Wood Luxury Serving Tray w/ Bronzed Handles *NEW & IMPROVED*Rating: 4.7/5

Although the design and style of this ottoman tray is pretty basic, the handles are quite unique. It’s made of aluminum and acacia hardwood, as claimed by the manufacturer that offers a wide range of ottoman trays.

However, some of the customers’ reviews are a bit contradictory to what we mentioned above, as they mention that are of the opinion that the actual tray is much more beautiful and pretty than it seems in the images.

The acacia wood it’s made using has a rich, smooth feel to it, giving an amazing finish to the tray. Both the tray and handles are quite sturdy, with the handles also being quite fancy, so that’s another reason why you would want to go for this fairly large serving tray for ottoman.

You would also probably be surprised at how much weight it can carry without putting much pressure on your hands. The wood is quite thick, and along with all the above mentioned features, makes us feel that it’s priced surprisingly affordably.

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Butler’s Tray – Serving Tray – Solid Wood in French Finish with Brass Hardware Accents – Authentic Models FF102

Butler Serving TrayRating: 4/5

The very first thing you would probably notice about this tray is its classic look, which actually makes it a little antique-looking too. It comes with French finish and brass-bound corners, something that you don’t usually see in other ottoman trays so this does make it considerably unique.

The style doesn’t disappoint, and the finish seems decent too.

However, apparently, this ottoman coffee table tray does seem to be leaving quite a bit to be desired on the quality and durability front. Some customers doubt the quality of the wood used to build it, while some others point out that it isn’t exactly as thick as they would like it to be.

This may actually be a little specific to personal preferences, though, as many other customers feel that it’s a perfect ottoman tray all the same. The metal stuff put around the corners and the sides adds to the attractiveness.

Coming to the price, it does seem to be priced a little higher, but this is probably due to the metal stuff used in the design.

Overall, it seems to be pretty functional, and depending on your personal preferences, you may be pleased with the style, looks, and probably even the built quality of this ottoman tray.

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A final word

The above mentioned ottoman trays seem to be some of the best ones on the market. These are actually some great ottoman tray ideas, as most of the customers who bought them in the past seem very pleased with them. Depending on your personal preferences, you may find some to be more appealing than the others. Hence, based on the information provided and your needs, preferences, and budget, you may go for one that would turn out to be perfect for you.